Re: TX frequency? of uBitx at CWL and CWU mode #ubitxcw

hirosmb <hirosmb@...>

I am very much looking forward to your blog, Akira-san.

Please kindly post the URL here at this BITX20 ML.

Many thanks in advance.

// hiro, JJ1FXF

2018/07/03 18:07、jj1epe@...のメール:

lan and everyone who replied me

I did not use uBITX manager.
But I have understood that using uBITX manager is essential to set  CW offset and for uBITX.

Now everything has been cleared by setting uBITX manager as follows
   - Enabled Adjust CW Frequency
   - Shift Display Frequency on CWL, CWU Mode

Frequency displayed by uBITX and my ICOM rig is completely same!!
Thank you for your support!!

I have started to promote uBITX in Japan.
English as the language is the one of the big wall for most of Japanese people.
Even for me, this TX -RX frequency issue was hard to find the solution.
So I will make the article on my blog in Japanese about this topics.


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