v4 pop-fix on a v3 board #ubitx

Nigel G4ZAL

I added the v4 pop-fix to my v3 board by placing components directly onto the v3 board.
Start by drilling a small hole (0.7mm in my case) to the right of R70 so as to be able to fix the 2N7000 transistor.  Pin 2 of the 2N7000 is soldered on the underside of the board (ground).
Scrape a little varnish from the tracks and tin ready to fix the 2N7000.
I added some Kapton tape to stop any shorting of components.

Add the remainder of the components and run a bit of enameled wire to the trace near the raduino headers to pickup the T/R line.

Ignore the cutouts on the front of the board, I had to hack away a little to clear the 3.5mm sockets on my case (I had to add a small length of enameled wire on the underside as I had hacked through a board trace).

So far, so good with no problems to report.


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