Re: Homebrew from scratch #ubitx

Peter Carr

Hi Nick,

I will make the final Gerbers available along with all the relevant information to enable the PCB's to be manufactured, I'll also share the circuit diagram and a board overlay in PDF so it can be built. 

Please note;

I used 0.5W resistors (as this is what I had), but from a space point of view it would make a lot more sense to use 0.25W so the components aren't so cramped. 

The Arduino is mounted on headers so it can easily be removed for programming. 

I used the following TOKO colis - KXCA K2036 AAY (with the capacitor removed) for the low pass filter and KANS1508 PAM for the broadcast filter in the receive section. 

The Si5351 board is a standard Arduino board that is readily available - do a google search for "SI5351A Clock Generator Breakout Board". 

The Toroids are mounted on DIL headers along with the diodes for the ring modulators as I found it much easier to do this than try and put them directly on the board.

There is no provision for an electret condenser microphone as I specifically wanted to use a standard 600 ohm dynamic mic.

I'll upload a zip file with all the information in it, hopefully in the next few weeks other commitments permitting!


Peter M0HYT

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