Re: experience with Sunil VU3SUA's enclosures #ubitx

Andy Wragg

I ordered mine towards the end of April, there was stock showing at the time of order but this soon changed. I had several email exchanges with Sunil, over the course of my wait, with a final notification of shipping about 3 weeks ago. I chose to use IndiaPost as DHL charge extra on delivery to the UK. Shipping took 10 days. I have found the case and supplied components to be great considering what you are getting for the money. No it's not a Yaesu or Icom but if that's what you want go and spend half a grand or more. This thing is $60 delivered anywhere in the world. The power switch is a little intermittent but I can live with that until it fails and needs replacing.
Considering the popularity of these cases (overwhelming Sunil I'm sure) I'm surprised I wasn't waiting longer, remember this is cottage industry in the North of India.    

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