Re: TX frequency? of uBitx at CWL and CWU mode #ubitxcw


Ian : 

I did as you suggested within the uBITX Manager : 

 - Enabled Adjust CW Frequency
 - Shift Display Frequency on CWL, CWU Mode

I encoded and wrote to the uBITX and then reset and I see no difference in operation.

Note that I am using your v1.094 beta with the Nextion Display.

With my main radio set to 7.050 Mhz (CWU) the uBITX must still be tuned to 7.049.300 Mhz (700 Hz Sidetone/Offset selected) CWU
in order for each Radio to hear the other, so the Display Frequency on the uBITX is still the RX frequency, not the TX Frequency.

Both radios should display 7.050 Mhz or very close to it.


Michael VE3WMB 

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