Re: Easy, Inexpensive Cooling Fan, Excelway Case

Richard Sepin

Arvo KD9HLC via Groups.Io <> schrieb am Mo., 2. Juli 2018, 15:48:

On Sat, Jun 30, 2018 at 04:32 pm, n4eev wrote:
Arv, you are one smart dude! I love your idea.
Haha, well, there are always unforeseen complications.

On mine, when I open PTT the fan coasts down and I'm guessing acts like a little magnetic generator and puts quite the whir into the AF signal for a second or two.  I'm thinking the DC pulses produced by the freewheeling fan are of opposite polarity from the PS, so I could snub them with a diode, right?

Does sound kinda cool, though.  Maybe not as cool as a "Roger beep" and nobody else (I hope) can hear it.

That's what I get for testing the idea on WSPR with the volume all the way down.

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