Re: RFI from uBitx TX after AGC and other mods installed

Rick Price

John, As of now it is just a leaded part that I scabbed/tacked on to the board.  It even has long legs. I was so elated to have gotten rid of the audio and sometimes oscillations that I have not gone back and finalized the issue.  Will probably just use the cap that's on it now with short legs. Like I mentioned I will be using the JackAl mod (Jack Purdum W8TEE) when it becomes available so this AGC mod will be coming out. Used it all evening on FT8 and a QSO without a hint of a problem. Hope it takes care of your issues. Again my board was not the Kee's board but one I made using Don's original drawing and plans (SMD) before the Kee's kit was available. I have been in conversation with Don and when he puts the cap in he still gets squeals, but did finally here the audio in a headset above 11 watts out, so who knows. He said he was going to investigate further tomorrow.  Mine sounded like RF getting into the audio as it was not real clear but kind of fuzzy and then would sometimes go into ocillations or squals at higher RF peaks.

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Subject: Re: [BITX20] RFI from uBitx TX after AGC and other mods installed


Did you use a leaded part or SMT for the .01 cap?


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