Questions regarding BitX40 build



I'm currently building a BitX40 Ver 3 in a Universal Case Blue 2 for Bitx40 case and I have a couple of questions.

I wasn't able to find any instructions for using the Universal Case Blue 2, are there any?  It looks fairly straight forward but there are a few things I don't get.

Question 1
I'm going to wire DC Power by connecting the positive pin of the DC power jack to the fuse holder, then the fuse holder to the provided power button, then I will connect the general board power, PA power and Raduino power between the power button and the ground side of the power jack.  Does this sound correct?

Question 2
The tuner pot that came with the Bitx40 fits in the mounting hole on the case, but the none of the volume pots included in the Bitx40 kit or the Case kit fit in the audio gain mounting hole.  Am I just supposed to force it in, or am I missing something?

Question 3
I don't really see how the raduino LCD is supposed to mount onto the case using the screws that were provided.  

Question 4
There isn't a mounting hole for the PTT switch, but there is one for the mic.  Do I run the PTT through the mic jack somehow, or do something else?

Any help would be appreciated
Craig, VE6TBW

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