Re: newbee here...just made the order...antenna question on old G5RV

Jerry Gaffke

I've heard good things about the G5RV.
Never had one.
Since you got one up, I suggest you go ahead and use it.
It is resonant on 20m, will give a 50 ohm match there if the ladder line is cut to the correct length.
I would recommend at least borrowing an SWR meter to determine
over what range of frequencies it gives a reasonable match.
For multiband use on the G5RV you do need a transmatch of some sort, but it could be cobbled together cheaply.
Ladder line has much less loss than coax even at high SWR, so a transmatch between the ladder line and the coax
can make this an efficient multiband antenna system.

Ralph's off-center fed dipole can be easier to put up than a center fed dipole, but does require a transmatch.
The end-fed is an extreme case, I have one of these:
That particular EFHW is done well, is a good radiator, and with the matchbox provided can give
a good 50 ohm match across most of the HF ham bands with no tuner. 
I would still recommend having an SWR meter to determine if things are working properly.
If you might have ice loading in the winter then going to heavier antenna wire is a good idea,
buy the MEF-330-1k matchbox and the 14 gauge antenna wire separately:
Check out the March 2016 QST review:


On Sun, Jul 1, 2018 at 01:55 pm, Ralph Mowery wrote:
With almost any antenna designed to work over a large frequency range you will need a tuner of some sort.  Either a built in one or external.
The G5RV is not really that good of an antenna for all bands.  It was designed for 20 meters and a certain pattern.  It will give a reasonable SWR over many of the ham bands, but still a tuner is needed.  I like an off center fed antenna for working most ham bands .  It still needs an antenna tuner.  Look for the plans of a Carolina Windom if you want to build one.

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