Re: newbee here...just made the order...antenna question on old G5RV

Ralph Mowery

With almost any antenna designed to work over a large frequency range you will need a tuner of some sort.  Either a built in one or external.
The G5RV is not really that good of an antenna for all bands.  It was designed for 20 meters and a certain pattern.  It will give a reasonable SWR over many of the ham bands, but still a tuner is needed.  I like an off center fed antenna for working most ham bands .  It still needs an antenna tuner.  Look for the plans of a Carolina Windom if you want to build one.

As you are going to need a SWR bridge I wold look at a tuner that has a SWR meter built in.  Much as I hate say it about getting a MFJ, that may be the best for the dollar.  Open it up and check for loose parts and bad solder connections.  Lots of the mfj stuff seems to be about 99% built. and you need the extra 1%.
LDG makes some good automatic tuners at a reasonable price.

73 de ku4pt

On Sun, Jul 1, 2018 at 3:32 PM, Don - KM4UDX <dontAy155@...> wrote:

Finally, after a year or more of hand ringing and second guessing myself, I finally pulled the switch and ordered my uBITX! 


Believe it or not, it came down to the ICOM7300 or the uBITX.  I picked the uBITX because I love to solder and build, and when things are hard, they are much more satisfying when you finally get over the hill.  And what I learn with the uBITX will apply to any more complex and capable transceiver downstream. So I pulled the plug.  Should start the build in a few weeks. Also ordered the normal white plastic case from BG, and bnc to SO239 connectors, etc.


Questions to the wise ones: Can I hook up the uBITX my G5RV? I have a length of coax (which has a simple choke) that connects to the twinlead, which then goes to the dipole aerial WITHOUT an antenna tuner?


I borrowed 100W transceiver, and the G5RV worked just fine. But the 100W rig had an internal antenna turner, which I’m told the G5RV needs.  The uBITX does not have a antenna tuner…will it work well enough directly connected with the G5RV?


If I have to get an antenna tuner…(rats!), then I’m thinking of the ZM-2 or the like.


Guidance please!


Thank you o wise ones!




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