Re: Anyone seen an SSB xmit causing the menu to pop up?

Gwen Patton

I'm running on a different battery than the jump box I was using before. It should have sufficient amperage. I'll test it with my bench supply and see if it does it under those conditions. It's odd, though, I was running my bench supply in current limit mode at 1.5 and 2 amps, and it didn't exhibit this behavior. It almost seemed like the RF was getting into the Nano and triggering the menu event for some reason. Very peculiar.

It behaves precisely as if I pushed the encoder knob in to operate the menu switch. I key the mike, speak loudly into it or whistle into it, and BAM, the radio goes into menu mode and receive stops. I can get out of it by pushing the knob twice to cycle band select mode, but it's annoying. I was just wondering if someone else spotted this behavior and added ferrites or some other solution. I'll keep fiddling with it.

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