Re: Known issues on uBITX r4 #ubitx

Bo Barry <bobarr@...>

I have a v3 & v4 and am "tickled to death" (American slang expression) with both of them.
NO mods (except KD8CEC mods to one) so far except for a tiny 5v fan.
As a retired engineer having done design, programming, & construction, I continually think about the excellent efforts that went into bringing this unique hardware and software to the market for "pennies'" or free.
I reserve any comments that may be considered criticism by the creators.
I'm sure they appreciate constructive comments about improvements to consider when they have time from their schedules.
So much more fun than the Heathkit days!
73, Bo W4GHV since '54   (at 78, just glad to be alive!)

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