JackAl board pricing

Jack, W8TEE

Not yet. We are getting bids on the complete assembly of the PCB, so that all the SMD's are in place. We do know that the Teensy 3.6 is $30 and their audio board which piggybacks on the Teensy and we use for DSP is $14 and the 5" touch screen is a little under $35 (7" is about $45). Our best guess is that the board will be sold for $40-$50. So the bad news is that our addon is almost as much as the µBITX. However, when you're done, you'll have a pretty impressive xcvr. Also, we have some interesting plans for Rev 2.0 software, too, so it will be an ongoing project. BTW, the audio library is a treasure trove of functionality, including a worthwhile FFT library. Finally, we've added a small knot of extra I/O pins which coupled with 1MB of flash and 256K of SRAM should make it a hacker's dream. Despite all that we've done, we're still using less than 20% of the flash and only 12% of the SRAM. Al and I are expecting great things from you people down the road!!

Jack, W8TEE

On Friday, June 29, 2018, 2:38:15 PM EDT, Dennis Yancey <bigbluedry@...> wrote:

Have any pricing done on them yet?

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