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Bill Cromwell

Hello Hiro,

I understand about the excitement. I had a dreadful time resisting the urge to power mine up on a sheet of cardboard (for insulation) before I formed the case to fit. I did connect power just to confirm whigh way the display had to be mounted :) Murpy's Law you know.

At my shack 'temporary' measures have a habit of becoming more permanent:)


Bill KU8H

On 06/29/2018 12:28 PM, hirosmb JAZZ wrote:
Yes, Bill.

As far as I know, the distortion issue comes up with only v4 ubitx, however it’s just a matter of degree.

I already placed my order with DHL, while taking a train back home today! :)

I also plan to use CEC firmware which I already modified a bit to limit the frequencies to TX in accordance with Japanese regulation.

I compiled the modified firmware which successfully runs on my Arduino UNO now.

Also I ordered a Nextion LCD at eBay which presents really lovely UI/UX.

I don’t think I can sleep properly tonite coz I’m so much excited. :)

Thank you, all of you here who share all the information of ubitx, such a wonderful rig!

// hiro, JJ1FXF

2018/06/30 0:21、Bill Cromwell <wrcromwell@...>のメール:


I have V3 with a socketed audio chip labeled as Feb 2018. It worked right out of the box - as advertised. I have not had to make *any* mods at all. I do expect to install the CEC software but that is only to get some options I would like to have for CW. I am already using it for CW. I do not have distirtion, I can tune in SSB and AM stations and they are clear. Lucky me?

Wait until you have actually used your radio to decide if you 'need' mods. Most of the mods I see described are optional and only for the owners perefernces - like my plans to install the CEC software. There will be no hardware changes to mine.


Bill KU8H
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