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hirosmb JAZZ <hirosmb@...>

Many, many thanks for ur comments, Andy.

Now I understand that either a cheap speaker or bypassing built-in amp is the solution of the synchronized noise issue.

Since this fix isn’t hard one for me, now I’m placing my order sooner.

Again, thanks, Andy.

// hiro, JJ1FXF

2018/06/29 15:49、Andy V. Borisenko via Groups.Io <rw9rn@...>のメール:

in the message #52671 solution a problem:
"gentlemen, the question is closed.
I connected the cheapest computer speakers with a built-in amplifier and sent a signal to them bypassing the amplifier uBitx.
I got a good audio.
and "A re-setting of the BFO should fix this" did not have to do with it.
You just need not use the audio amplifier in uBitx. he is no good at all.
for me it's a fact!I previously wrote about problems with the audio amplifier v4.
I will build and instal in uBitx a wonderful audio filter and audio amplifier QCX from QRP-Labs.
best regards to all!
Andy V. Borisenko RW9RN"
"Farhan has an engineering error in the audio amplifier. I do not speak English well enough to explain this in detail. I will say simply: do not use the built-in amplifier in this form. It's easier and cheaper to signal bypass, to an external audio amplifier. this can be done by sending a signal from the yellow (signal) through the condenser 47-100 microfarad and green (ground), to an external audio amplifier."

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