Re: Known issues on uBITX r4 #ubitx

MVS Sarma

There are few members who reported  the good functioning of Audio amplifier.
 we need to check whether the element is wrong in design or some pieces went  out with distorted output.

MVS Sarma

On Fri, Jun 29, 2018 at 9:44 AM, hirosmb JAZZ <hirosmb@...> wrote:

Thanks for ur quick reply.

I read some articles of mods, but couldn’t recognize which are necessary mods for uBITX r4 board.

Does the r4 board still need to be fixed for the distortion issue?

// hiro

2018/06/29 12:38、Jack Purdum via Groups.Io <jjpurdum@...>のメール:

Most of the mods that have been made are summarized at:

Jack, W8TEE

On Thursday, June 28, 2018, 11:31:43 PM EDT, <hirosmb@...> wrote:

Hi, all.

I’m really new to uBITX and planning to place my order to very soon.

Then please share its known hardware issues of uBITX r4 that I need to modify or solder.

Thanks in advance and hope to QSO with my uBITX soon.

// hiro, JJ1FXF

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