Re: Enclosure #parts

Howard Fidel

Here is my uBitx. The display is too bright and came out white. I use the RF gain, AF gain, tuning, band selector, Function and ANL controls at the moment. I reprogrammed the Raduino so that A7 reads the position of the band selector switch and changes the band. It is quicker and easier then using the push on the knob. Right now, Function is just on/off. I might have it change the sidebands, but there are no more easily usable inputs on the Raduino. The MIC plus in the REC SEND jack, the phone jack works, speaker output is on the back. I am using ANL to enable the 50 linear amp. The S meter works.

I have no plans yet for the preselector, cal and car reset functions.

The inside is still a work in progress. I should get my accessories PCB in about a week and hopefully will be able to report on it later in the summer. Right now, the linear is only usable on 20 meters. The select able LPFs for the amp are on the new PCB. The protoboard has the prototype S meter, AGC, mic AGC and audio amp circuits on it and will be replaced by the new PCB.

Howard WB2VXW

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