Re: Keypad for Raduino...?

Dennis Zabawa

Here are a number of hardware devices that are applicable to uBITX operator interface designs:
 Operator Interface (Keypad):
     PDN1144  Four Row by Four Column Keypad Interface IC     pdn1144.pdf
     PDN1188 Eight Row by Eight Column Keypad Interface IC     pdn1188.pdf
Operator Interface (Text LCD)
     PDN702 Character LCD Controller IC     pdn702.pdf
Operator Interface (7-Segment LED)
     PDN707 Hex Display 7-Segment LED Driver     pdn707.pdf
     PDN747 Eight Digit Seven-Segment LED Controller/Counter     pdn747.pdf
Mechanical Pushbutton Interface
     PDN2008 Eight Channel Contact Debouncer     pdn2008.pdf
     PDN2108A One-of_Eight Latching (one output active)     pdn2108.pdf
     PDN2108D One-of-Eight Latching (one or zero outputs active)     pdn2108.pdf
     PDN2208 Eight Channel Toggle     pdn2208.pdf

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