Re: Noob tx problem #ubitx-help


I just wanted to update this post so that another noob isn't lead astray.

I've finally got my dummy load put together so that I could more thoroughly test the mic and transceiver and it turns out that all was not well.  On more testing, when I whistled into the mic I would get a relay clicking on and off rapidly.  The problem is that I was wiring the mic and switch together in a simple series circuit.  This is incorrect.  What got me started down the wrong path was that the plug sent with the kit was a mono plug. has a diagram showing the mic hookup....I couldn't figure out why this diagram didn't make sense to me until I realized it was for a stereo plug.

I went and bought a stereo plug,  wired it up and all is now well.

See the diagram here:

I know this is simple stuff for most of you guys,  but I didn't want to leave this thread hanging around with my incorrect conclusion.

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