Re: Ubitx schematic #ubitx

Art Olson


On Jun 25, 2018, at 11:41 AM, Jon Titus, KZ1G <tituskz1g@...> wrote:

Hi, Art.
The Raduino board provides a T/R signal that operates a relay (bottom-left on the schematic). This relay switches power to the RX or TX circuits.  I suggest you use a highlighter to mark TX and RX at the relay with different colors and then peruse the circuit and likewise highlight the TX and RX connections throughout.  The transmit and receive sections then become clearer and you can trace them as you wish.  You also will see TXA, TXB, and TXC.  These signals from the Raduino control the three relays that switch in or out the filters shown in the lower-right section of the schematic diagram.  I hope this info helps.
Jon Titus, KZ1G
Herriman, UT USA

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