Re: uBTIX Nextion Display and microSD card woes #ubitx

Mark M

Another thing to watch out for, at least it's something that has caused me some grief at times when loading the tft files on various displays...

You may get a message on the display that the load failed because there is more than one .tft file on the SD card but when you look you see only one. You need to be sure to enable viewing hidden files in file explorer (Windows) or finder (on a Mac)...there's probably one with the .tft suffix that you need to delete. I don't think either one of them will show hidden files by default. Not sure about Linux.

The 1G SD card I had was plenty big for the tft file.

Anyway, HTH Mark... AA7TA

On 6/24/18 7:32 PM, Michael Babineau wrote:
I just want to pass on some discoveries I made today while upgrading my uBTIX to run KD8CEC V1.094 with a 2.8' Nextion Display.

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