Re: KD8CEC - Nextion Display - IAN questions

Ian Lee


Thanks for your suggestion.
i will implement them before the beta version is over.


2018-06-25 11:04 GMT+09:00 Michael Babineau <mbabineau.ve3wmb@...>:

Ian : 

I am very impressed with KB8CEC v1.094, this plus the Nextion Display is a real game changer for the uBITX ! 
It feels like I am now using a new radio ;-) 

Can I make a suggestion for some future enhancements ?

1) Make the Tuning Step an on-screen button so that tapping on it will allow the selection of the tuning step.
   This is something that anyone using both CW and SSB will want to change all the time and it is difficult to get at currently.

2) Provide an on-screen button to access the CW settings.
   Things like offset and break-in delay don't get changed very often but  CW operators who are using Iambic keying
   need to be able to quickly change code speed . Also many of us use both paddles and straight keys so it would also be nice to
   able to quickly access selection that from the display. This also makes adjusting an antenna tuner simpler if you can switch
  from Iambic to Straight Key and push the DIT paddle to generate a carrier. 

One thought is that you might be able to make it context sensitive so that buttons specific to CW operation only appear when the mode is CWU or CWL ? 
Just a thought. 

Thanks for all of the great work on this !


Michael VE3WMB 

Best 73
KD8CEC / Ph.D ian lee
kd8cec@... (my blog)

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