Schematic . . . What Schematic . . mine?

Russ KG0BK

As I worked on my uBitx I made changes . . .duh . . doesn't everybody?
As I progressed I found I forgot what I had hooked to what.
I used cardboard for my front panel to help make a template for control placement.
Easy to cut new holes or move the placement.
Forgot to document what I had wired to what and where.
Now I am wanting to install a push button to be able to read both board voltage and PA voltage.
Also adding a analog watt meter to the mix.
First picture shows work so far and has room to add the above controls.
All fine and well. . . except . . . I didn't make a schematic of what I had already wired.
2nd pic shows the other side with wiring.
As this was a proto-type I left most wires too long as to make easy mods. That's fine.
BUT I didn't document what I had already wired.
Now I have to retrace wiring to find out where to hook up new contriols.
Moral of story . . . Make notes and a schematic.
Sure will help id something becomes . . . disconnected.

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