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Ian Lee


Yes, that's right,
I will only support 2.4 "and 2.8" for the time being. However, on my distribution list, you will find the GUI files for 3.2 "and 3.5".
They were converted to 3.5 "using the 2.8" GUI.
It will work normally, but it will probably look a little awkward. 
In the Nextion Editor, you can convert to a different resolution with a click of the mouse.

But I keep getting emails saying that I have successfully converted to 3.2, 3.5 "or even 7" LCD.
They work nicely by modifying the entire GUI to fit the LCD. 
You can ask them to get a 3.5 "file. But please wait for the beta version to finish. There are a few additional features to add.


2018-06-25 8:49 GMT+09:00 Kevin Timm <kevindtimm@...>:


I'm about to embark on the nextion journey and see that you support the 2.4 and 2.8 displays. Will the 3.2 work also, albeit with a smaller amount of screen real estate filled? 

Best 73
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