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Jerry Gaffke

Try sending email to    hfsignals at gmail dot com
Replace the "at" and "dot" with something more appropriate.
If they do send you a replacement it might take a month to arrive, and have import duty issues.

I know many electronics hobbyists use heat guns meant for embossing, or melting a colored powder into paper
Something like this:
Likely the cheapest way to go.
But you could buy a full solder rework station, others in the forum may have recommendations of which.

Maybe cover the display connector and blue pot of the Raduino with cloth to protect them from heat,
cover the Raduino entirely with metal foil to further protect it from heat,
clamp the Raduino in a vice,
cut an opening in the foil to expose the Nano.
Blast away with the heat gun while tugging at the Nano, lifting the nano free of the pins it was soldered down to. 
Then remove the pins one by one from the Raduino using a soldering iron.

That will probably work better then cutting the pins, I had trouble when I did it that way.


On Sun, Jun 24, 2018 at 05:06 pm, f1mqj wrote:
So it looks like a bad nano board and i might have to change it (main problem is to extract it without destroying raduino PCB as we discuss early)
1-Do you know if I can get spare Raduino and how (#ubitxsupport #ubitxwarranty) ? perhaps i could get one as warranty feature, because mine never worked fine (if possible with nano socket, or without nano board -i've already some)
2-i'll try to borrow an air heater (looks fine for the job, Vince do you have a link to yours ? 852, 878) or use diagonal cutters (perhaps dremmel but i fear leaving a lot of small metal particles)
I'll give you news
73 - Remi



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