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Ian Lee

Thnk you for your work.

LCDs usually consume much current in the backlight.
Decreasing the backlight brightness will certainly reduce current consumption.
Adjusting the brightness of the backlight generates noise. 
I think this is probably a problem with LCDs that use most inverter type backlights.
I think that the way to reduce the brightness in hardware is coming soon.
Perhaps users who use uBITX as Portable will also be able to use Nextion LCD.


2018-06-22 8:05 GMT+09:00 Lowell <lowell.haney@...>:

Just got in a 2.4 and a 3.2 Nextion display.  I'd seen some comments on the current draw and the possible need for a heat sink on the existing 5V regulator or maybe even a separate supply. So I just measured both on the bench.

Supply voltage was 5.04 VDC.
2.4 display was 125 ma.  3.2 display was 110 ma.  Both at full brightness.

These are both above (~25 to 35 or so) what is listed on the manufacturers website.

I did not check with the display in sleep mode.

Best 73
KD8CEC / Ph.D ian lee
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