Re: Raduino consumption #ubitx #radiuno


Thanks Jerry, Vince, Ralph and others
I cutted the pcb to disconnect capa and socket REF pin from the AREF processor pin (if the problem have been a short capa or short circuit on this part of PCB it may erase the problem)

BUT no change : i've still contact (0 ohm) between AREF processor pin and ground (and 220mA if powered !)

So it looks like a bad nano board and i might have to change it (main problem is to extract it without destroying raduino PCB as we discuss early)
1-Do you know if I can get spare Raduino and how (#ubitxsupport #ubitxwarranty) ? perhaps i could get one as warranty feature, because mine never worked fine (if possible with nano socket, or without nano board -i've already some)
2-i'll try to borrow an air heater (looks fine for the job, Vince do you have a link to yours ? 852, 878) or use diagonal cutters (perhaps dremmel but i fear leaving a lot of small metal particles)
I'll give you news
73 - Remi

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