Re: I need a V3 or V4 uBitx board.

Jerry Gaffke

Tried again to post to kd1jvdesigns.
This time I noticed a "Your message will be sent when it's approved by the moderators"
at the top of the webpage after submitting the post.
So kd1jvdesigns is configured a bit different than this bitx20 group, 
though they are both hosted by

I tried voting again, this time from the individual message webpage of post #161.
My vote was added immediately without review.

Steve  doesn't often respond to email.
But seemed odd he wasn't responding when he apparently still had a few boards to sell.
Perhaps he had a bunch of promises, but was waiting till the checks arrived.

I've bought 4 other KD1JV kits, first one in 2006.
They were all winners.
Manuals are very good, my only criticism is that schematics seldom quite agree with the board you get.
Steve seems to edit the design within his board layout program, then draw up the schematics without a netlist check.

Used to be he coded exclusively in assembly language, and I seldom find it worth the bother 
to get my head into somebody else's assembly code.  Or my own.
Steve has recently taken up residence in ArduinoLand, the Slop Bucket is coded in C. 

To bring this discussion around to some sort of Bitx relevance:
The Slop Bucket is comparable to the Bitx40, is a single band SSB/CW transceiver at 7W,
offered at a comparable price.   It's a full on surface mount kit using lots of 0805's and Sot23's.
You get to solder down your very own Si5351, wind your own toroids.

Jerry, KE7ER

On Sun, Jun 24, 2018 at 02:34 pm, Roy Appleton wrote:
Jerry, don't get too excited, between projects he often goes on extended hikes. He may be gone for a couple of weeks.

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