Re: Topic change

Sascha Bohnet | DL5SMB

Allison you wrote earlier that, if Q90 was changed to a BFR106, R81 (1kO) needs to be changed to somewhing between 2K-2,7kO. Is this correct?

Also, if C81 was changed to 470pF, do C261 and C262 also have to be removed? I think you wrote earlier, that these two capacitors could stay.
Also you did not wrote to also change R83 to 2,2O as Farhan does.

I just did these mods (changed Q90, R81, C81 and R83 - but left in C261 and C262) and though there is more power on the upper bands, I have only about 0,5 Watts on 80 and 40 Mhz. ( 5 W between 14 and 20 Mhz and 2 Watt on 10m).

What did I do wrong, did i miss something obvious?

I measured the voltage at R82 - according to messsage #43844 there should be 2,98V - I have about 1,5V (same frequency, 7150 Mhz). Was changing R81 wrong?


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