Re: I need a V3 or V4 uBitx board.


Thanks for all the great replies, I'm really embarrassed to admit I did this. Jerry, you are right about what caused this. It didn't work at all when I tried it the first time, after looking at everything I thought I had the wire going to C50 on the click board on the wrong pad, so I swapped them, (big mistake), now at least I had bad receive, then I pushed the PTT, that's when the magic smoke got let out. I checked the raduino outputs with my frequency counter and the outputs were all what they should be for the frequency I was on.

C50 and C63 are replaced with new caps and are fine. I will check the other things you mentioned as well. Thanks for the offers to buy my board, but that doesn't really help me with my problem. I will try to repair before I think about selling it. Thanks again for all your help. I will post on this thread and let you all know how things turn out. Picture of top side of PCB below.


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