I need a V3 or V4 uBitx board.


I debated on whether I would admit to being this stupid to the group, but while fitting the click fix board to my perfectly working uBitx all mounted in a custom enclosure, I vaporized a trace on the bottom of my board. Obviously I did something wrong, although I don't know what. I reversed the mods to the PCB and replaced the vaporized trace with a piece of wire and fired it up. I have no RX or TX however the Raduino is working and outputting the correct clock signals on the three pins. It does switch to TX when pressing the PTT, and believe it or not, the whole audio section seems to work fine. I can touch parts in the audio section and hear a loud 60 cycle hum out of the speaker. I can hear a slight hiss in the speaker that does not change when removing the antenna. So this brings me to the part where I ask if it would be worth trying to trouble shoot this board, (any idea where to start?) or just replace it. Does anybody have just a Ubitx PCB they would sell me (cheap) as my raduino works fine. This radio worked good, I should have left it alone:-( Picture of burnt trace below.


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