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The upgrade is basically to parts:

1. Install the new UBITX KD8CEC Nextion supported firmware.
2. Install the Nextion code file into the Nextion display :
    a. either by adding it (.tft file) to the microsd card and rebooting nextion display - then remove microsd card and reboot or
    b. uploading it from the Nextion Editor to the Nextion Display


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Thanks, Joe


I presume then that all the nice extras are included in the firmware J


73 de Charlie GI4FUE


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No mods required to add a nextion display.

Only requires +5volts and gnd for power.

Two wires for connection to connector where old displayed plugged into.

The firmware must be the version which supports Nextion Displays.





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I have also ordered a Nextion 2.8 display, but to run KD8CEC firmware, do I need to do any mods to the Ubitx? Thinking here of the CW side of things or does it implement the 2 resistor solution for paddles?


73 de Charlie GI4FUE


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Terence : 

After you get the KD8CEC firmware loaded I recommend that you also install his uBITX Memory Manager application on your PC. 

One very useful feature is the ability to read and decode the current data/settings from the Raduino and save them to a file on your 
computer.  I recommend doing this right away before using it to modify any settings so that you have a baseline to return to should 
something get messed up later. This is especially important if you decide to try recalibration.


Michael VE3WMB 

P.S. I got my Nextion 2.8" TFT Display so when a get some time this weekend I plan to move to KD8CEC V1.09b and give that I try.
I think that this display is going to be a "game changer" for this rig. 




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