Re: ND6T AGC and Click kit wiring notes

Don, ND6T

Since I work CW primarily, the manual control is a must. It also helps with extremely strong voice signals, not to mention AM reception (since it does not use the carrier level). The control is used as a potentiometer (voltage divider) instead of a rheostat (variable resistor) so the minimum resistance is not that important. I have some cheap 500 ohm pots that work wonderfully. A 10K pot is just fine. Taper is more important. A logarithmic (audio) taper works best since a linear taper will put all the action at one end. Nothing is critical. Yes, a good pot with a one ohm resistance and a very good ground will give you a few more dB attenuation but that doesn't make that big of a difference in operation. Remember that the attenuation of the pot is additive to the AGC operation, a real plus. Oh, and a manual RF gain is also important if you have a lot of background noise! 73, Don

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