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Sridhar, I understand your post now. Your not asking how to receive AM broadcast signals rather your asking how to improve the audio quality of the AM signals your receiving. Right?

If you think about the difference between AM and SSB audio that is mixed with a carrier to create the hetrodynes that radiate over the air then what is notable is that AM allows for 5KHz of audio and SSB allows for roughly 2.7 to 3 KHz of audio. The reason for the difference is the power is, in a sense, more concentrated with respect to the SSB signal and it will travel further for an equal amount of total power. Hence your reciever has a narrower filter than an AM radio's reciever because it does not need to hear 5KHz to the left and right of the carrier. 

The downside is that when you use the SSB reciever to listen to AM broadcasts the audio will not be as full bodied as it would if the filter was wider. If you want to change the filter you would have to isolate the parts of the radio that form the filter and make the necessary changes. If you did, it would not be a bad idea to make the filter selectable as in most modern all-mode receivers so that you can select what is best for CW, SSB and finally AM. 

For myself, I am not that picky and listen to AM with the SSB filter if for no other reason than its a lot of work to bring about such a change. So, I can't tell you precisely what other than the filter would need altered.

On Fri, Jun 22, 2018, 4:43 AM sridhar <vu3pen@...> wrote:
I had ubitx ,currently using for RX Only ,its my first HF set ,Ubitx having 3 Mhz to  30 Mhz Frequency ,
1)Can i use this for Normal Radio RX i.e SW , i am able here radio but audio is not able to recognize. 
2)  what changes do need to do in this set to added any component to get full audio from SW frequency 


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