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Michael Maiorana

The "Solderscope" idea is brilliant. That's next on my (ever expanding) list.
You guys are too clever. Slow-pokes like me can't keep up. I just finished my NC40a :)

Mike M.

On Thu, Jun 21, 2018 at 5:23 PM, T Williams via Groups.Io <n41w124@...> wrote:
Re: #52380 "Seems to me you could DIY something better than those
$60 Chinese special microscopes ... "

Consider a SolderScope. (See QRP Quarterly, Apr. 2018.) (
Its a DIY binocular stereo inspection microscope for about $50.

Get a pair of 3.5X - 420mm dental magnifying loupes for $30 or so from Ebay/
Amazon.  Add +2 reading glasses in front of the loupes. (Dollar store readers
work OK.) Mount the loupes on a desk lamp stand.

I built the first SolderScope almost 2 years ago and use it daily while the
AmScope SE-400 sits unused. Advantages of the SolderScope are low cost, wide
field, 7 inch working distance and I can keep my eyeglasses on.

Web page at has full details.


Tom Williams,  K9AC

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