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iz oos

You have to press the vfo choose the band eg 14mhz and then using the vfo again. I have the original firmware version 3 installed and once you get acquainted it is somehow fast albeit a bit erratic.

Il 22/giu/2018 17:35, "Mike aka KC2WVB" <rb5363@...> ha scritto:
I guess I don't understand because to receive 3 through 30 Mhz aside from an antenna you simply turn the knob on the VFO and with this radio if your in 'say' 7 Mhz and you want to listen to 3 Mhz then press the encoder to enter the menu. Follow the menu's change frequency prompts an you easily get to 3 Mhz otherwise it takes a lot of turning of the knob to lower from 7 to 3.

On Fri, Jun 22, 2018, 7:14 AM sridhar <vu3pen@...> wrote:
thx for valuable suggestions , i am also using the wire  antenna to  receive SW RX  ,  40 feet on AIR , then 40 vertical means total 80 feet is using , the wire is normal AC wire used for the house internal wring , for the same wire if i put 12 band normal radio , the audio is coming .
(I will try with 58 feet also in air later )

But my question i in UBITX set how can i receive SW  frequency 3 to 30 Mhz Stations ? for got the antenna which i am feeding i had many options to feed the antenna 


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