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Bill Cromwell

Hi Dave and all,

Both of the ubitx kits here came to downstate Michigan via DHL and came the rest of the way via USPS. The terminal downstate was in the metro Detroit area. The first one took a couple of months (or slightly more). the second was more like two weeks.

My ubitx is living happily in a steel box I made for it.


Bill KU8H

On 06/22/2018 05:53 AM, David Wilcox via Groups.Io wrote:
Very interesting and humorous.

The DHL driver I talked to comes from a base 150 miles away and
sometimes for only one or two packages. He hates the companies that
require a signature and told me he is glad Farhan's company does not
require that. Very jolly guy and we had a good talk. I live in
Traverse City, Michigan and his base is near Grand Rapids.

Dave K8WPE

On Jun 21, 2018, at 10:21 AM, Gwen Patton <@NG3P
<mailto:@NG3P>> wrote:

I really can’t see how they can be packed any better. I have not
heard of anyone who has received their bitx damaged until yours.
That it just real poor luck.

As Carl said, this kit was packed incredibly well. I was surprised to
see the plastic box inside the package, to be honest. I've ordered a
LOT of stuff from overseas, including all too much stuff that arrived
on a slow boat from China, and some of the most fragile stuff was
packed in a wad of bubble-wrap in a plastic bag, not even a cardboard
box! I got a charger for rechargeable lithium coin cells that took a
month to arrive on a boat, and it was just the thin cardboard RETAIL
box inside one of those black and white plastic overwrap bags Banggood
uses. Frankly, I'm surprised it arrived in a single piece, much less

The vast majority of shippers and delivery persons (including the U.
S. Snail Postal Disservice) are good, honest people who do their work
the best they can every day, even when it's difficult, even when the
weather sucks, even when there's a hundred things they'd RATHER be
doing with their day. As is inscribed on the James Farley Post Office
in New York, "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays
these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds".
It's not an official motto, but it might as well be. Most of the
postal carriers I've met -- and being disabled, I have met nearly all
of the ones that come to my door, as I'm always home -- are
conscientious and take excellent care of my mail.


Once in a while, I get one of THOSE postal carriers for whom that
motto is something to scoff at. They don't live by that. Their motto
seems to be "So long as I can sit on my bulbous butt in a little van
and walk as little as possible, I'll try to get your crap to you
eventually. But don't hold your breath if I have to get out of my damn
van because ain't nobody got time for that." Most of the mail carriers
who bring stuff to my house, if it's letters, will put them in the
mailbox at the curb, but if it's parcels, will get out of the van,
walk up to the porch, and put them either in front of my door or on
the porch where they won't get rained on.

But the OTHER sort will DRIVE their van into my backyard, turn around,
and either leave my packages on the BACK porch, where they don't have
to get out of the van, leaving them to get soaked by rain, or will
then pull up to the front porch and leave them on the TWO STEPS up,
again, where they're not under the overhang of the porch and will get
rained on. And heaven forfend I get a package that needs to be SIGNED
for, and I get THAT mail carrier. Suddenly, I'll find a slip in my
mailbox saying "Delivery attempted, no one home." Why? Because that
fat slob was too lazy to get out of the van and bring the thing to my
door and ring the bell. They'd rather just keep it in their van and
claim nobody was there to sign for it, so the guy who gets it TOMORROW
will have to get out of the van.

This guy is similar to the Amazon delivery person who'll mark it
"Delivered - placed directly into the recipient's hands", even when
you not only were home, but WAITING for the package on your PORCH.
These yahoos are who the latest Amazon features, attaching a photo of
the delivery location to your tracking info, and sending you a message
when they are 10 stops away from your home so you can track them on a
map, were implemented to catch. IF they honestly delivered it to the
wrong house, you have a chance of identifying where they really took
it, and you can WATCH to see if they actually came anywhere near your
house when they said "Oh, I delivered that!" and DIDN'T.

Somewhere out there is a box of expensive hydrocolloid band-aids that
someone got for free because the Amazon driver took it SOMEWHERE and
put it "in someone's hands". It wasn't my hands, that's all I know.

But once in a great while, you run into the EVIL delivery person.
They're the one that hates their job, hates the packages, hates the
weather, hates their boss, and most of all, hates YOU for making them
do that job delivering the packages in the weather because their boss
TOLD them to. THAT delivery person is likely, if your delivery makes
them do ANYTHING more than the bare minimum, to put the boot to your
parcels or THROW them on the porch from about 20 feet away...or, if
they're feeling particularly feisty, smack them onto your porch with a
baseball bat. And woe betide the person who calls them out for doing
this to their expensive packages, for that person shall receive NO
package unstomped, no parcel unkicked, and no gift box unpeed.

So, if you have received ALL of your parcels from a given location in
a destroyed condition, and NOBODY ELSE has this problem, the chances
of you receiving kits that Ashhar just HAPPENED to feel like running
through a hammer mill are slim and none, and Slim just left town. The
chances are much higher that you got THAT delivery person and somehow
ticked them off so they look for the parcels you want the most and
beat them with their delivery van's fire extinguisher before they
throw them overhand onto your porch, bouncing them off the wall before
driving across your lawn on the way out.

Talk to your postmaster or the appropriate delivery service
immediately if you receive damaged parcels. ESPECIALLY if parcels from
a particular location arrive damaged OFTEN. For all we know, the guy
who delivered your BitX kits has some beef with people from India and
specifically mangles those parcels. Or you may have ticked them off
somehow so they fold, spindle and mutilate anything sent to you just
because you're SUCH a prince.
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