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One last thing. The length of wire I mentioned comes from someone that spent a lot of time analyzing this type of antenna and 58 feet is one of many lengths that avoid being equal to a half wave on any of the HF bands. Therefore in theory it will tune to any band you want to listen to. I chose 58 feet because of space limitations but there are other lengths that would work well too. Additionally my antenna rises 17 feet before making the right angle bend because of practical concerns and from listening as a measure of effectiveness it was a good choice perhaps because it receives well signals that are vertically polarized or horizontally polarized.

On Fri, Jun 22, 2018, 5:56 AM Mike aka KC2WVB <rb5363@...> wrote:
The tuner I mentioned is actually a MFJ 16010 not 1600 as I initially indicated. It is very inexpensive and probably no more than $60. This type of tuner is easy to build if your so inclined. It only requires a variable capacitor and a hand wound inductor, coil, with taps spaced along its length. The taps and the variable capacitor adjust this LC circuit to match the signal of interest. 

On Fri, Jun 22, 2018, 5:40 AM R. Michael Boyer <rb5363@...> wrote:
OK, Sure you can listen to what you refer to as normal Shortwave because the radio's reciever covers the entire High Frequency spectrum. You will need an antenna system that allows you to tune the section of the spectrum your interested in listening to and adjust its tuning as you slide up or down the band. A 58 foot piece of wire that runs vertically for 17 feet before it bends at a right angle for the rest of its length coupled to a inexpensive MFJ 1600 long wire tuner works extremely well when the tuner and reciever are grounded to something like a cold water pipe.

The AM stations will sound a bit weird at first because if your not right on their carrier frequency the difference is heard as a high pitched tone that progressively becomes lower and goes to zero as you adjust the tuner on your reciever to match the AM broadcaster's carrier frequency. Since many broadcast AM with a side band to the left of the carrier and to the right of the carrier you will here the change in tone as you approach the carrier frequency from either end. 

Lastly, the reciever tunes well below the HF region into and below the AM commercial broadcast band. You can listen here too. Here I 'd recommend using a simple to make magnetic loop antenna because the frequency length of the associated stations in this area of the spectrum are so long that long wire antennas that will receive their signal are impractical to put in place.

Have fun, I do more listening then transmitting and what I described is what I am using with darn good success.

On Fri, Jun 22, 2018, 4:43 AM sridhar <vu3pen@...> wrote:
I had ubitx ,currently using for RX Only ,its my first HF set ,Ubitx having 3 Mhz to  30 Mhz Frequency ,
1)Can i use this for Normal Radio RX i.e SW , i am able here radio but audio is not able to recognize. 
2)  what changes do need to do in this set to added any component to get full audio from SW frequency 


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