experience with Sunil VU3SUA's enclosures #ubitx

Mike KK7ER

My young son got an Elenco FM radio kit for Christmas.  We built it together and now he is hooked.  He is studying for his technician license.
He has a birthday coming up so a few weeks back, I ordered a uBitX and one of Sunil Lakhani's cases.
The uBitX came in about a week.  Despite my credit card being charged immediately, I never received any acknowledgment of the case order.  I have tried to contact Sunil through several different channels but have gotten no response.  There were 12 of the cases in stock at the time of the order.  I am wondering if I should dispute the credit card charge or keep waiting.  What has been the experience of people in this group who have ordered cases from Sunil?  Has he come through?  What was time from order to delivery (in the US)?  Did you have trouble with communication about your order?

Thanks and 73,
Mike KK7ER

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