Re: Thoughts on a Ham Bus

Rahul Srivastava

While formulating for a suitable HAM bus with current technology we have to consider many aspects. Most modern design will use mix of analog and digital technology, requirements become more critical when we throw in DSP and other features. Atlas bus in HPSDR was designed  with mainly digital signals running thru backplane. Such high speed signals between multiple FPGA's resulted in lot of cross talk. For BITX series with all the new enhancements ground separation becomes a critical issue. 

I feel for a simple design like uBitx , Elecrafts K2 approach suits us better with one main board with PA and other circuitry and provision for swap able plug in modules.  Si , mixers , PA, BPF  and LPF can be on main board. TIA and multiple stacked xtal filter modules can be swap able. Front panel can house the digital section ie Nano, LCD and controls. All boards to be plug in type.


Rahul VU3WJM

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