Re: Encoder problem

Howard Fidel

So there are several possibilities. I had the same problem initially, when I realized that I didn't wire it correctly. I fixed the wiring and it worked. It could be a bad encoder, incorrect wiring or a bad Raduino, or corrupted software. If you have a two channel scope you can look at the two outputs signals, they should create 2 pulse trains shifted be 90 degrees when you turn the knob. The phase shift reverses when you change direction. Most likely if both have pulses they are phased correctly, but if one or both don't, it wont work. If you see the pulses, it is not the encoder.


On 6/21/2018 4:32 PM, n7nsd@... wrote:
And yes, rotating only causes the display to flicker the last two freq digit from zero to fifty. After pressing the encoder and getting the change band option, turning causes no change. Same with the next press and then back to 40m where it won’t change freq. 

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