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The $60 Chinese microscope is actually kind of nice. It's a whole lot better than the $15 Chinese USB microscope I've been trying to work with -- about 10X as stable, easier to focus, an actual stage to place a board on under the camera, and it's RECHARGEABLE. The USB microscope had me twisting my neck to look in the bench PC's monitor while trying to work on the board in its view, which is insanely uncomfortable as well as disorienting, and just when I'd start making decent solder connections with the silly thing, the suction cup base would give way and the camera would fall on its face, right into my work, which would then bounce any loose parts all over the bench and the floor.

This thing, while certainly no AmScope, at least has me looking straight ahead, only a few inches above the work instead of at a 40 degree angle to the left and eight inches up. It doesn't tie up my bench PC because it's self-contained. It doesn't send pictures to my computer, but I can pop out the microSD and read THOSE on the computer if I really need to. The picture is sharper with this thing than the USB microscope, and it doesn't take up a lot of bench real estate.

Do I still want a nice AmScope stereoscopic microscope? Sure I do. But the next big purchase for the bench is going to probably be a 3d printer...and after that, it'll likely be Christmas, and I think I'm going to logroll to get one of those RFinder DMR Android thingers. The M1 in particular looks nifty...but I'm easily amused by shiny objects and fancy electronic gadgets. And musical instruments, of course. I meant to practice the violin today, but got sucked into my uBitX build, disassembling my initial wiring and installing the breakout boards for the 3.5mm jacks and the encoder that I got from W0EB. (Those worked great, Jim, except that there was insufficient clearance for one of the sockets to be installed level with the main board because the 3d printed back plate had two of the holes too close together. I made it work, though.) But I digress...

The $60 self-contained Chinese electronic microscope actually works quite well, and should give me a good enough view to start practicing with SMD building. I unpacked my i-Extruder and set it up with a syringe of Amtech NC-559-V2-TF Tacky Flux I got from Louis Rossmann in NYC. I figure it'll be a while before I'm ready to start using the i-Extruder for solder paste, but I can make use of it for flux right away. (Great gadget, that. I backed it on Kickstarter. Eventually, I'll probably get the pick-n-place pen accessory, the foot pedal, and the stand for it.

Gwen, NG3P

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