Re: uBITX Version 4 first attempt #ubitx #ubitx-help

Hans Summers

> Blame your own country postal or package delivery service.  

Just a pedantic observation, because I read a lot of comments and so far it seems that everyone is saying the same thing, "blame the post office". There is a missing piece of information here, that nobody has mentioned. If a package arrives damaged, there are TWO possible causes: 

1) Someone somewhere in the international postal systems handled it roughly. Played football with it. Gave it to their pet elephant for trampling practice. Whatever... It happens, sometimes (not often). 

- OR - 

2) The package wasn't adequately packed. If the contents are packed in bubble wrap and then put in a reasonably robust cardboard box, that could be considered a reasonable degree of packing on the part of the shipper. At an extreme if there was just a plastic bag with a label on it, and no other soft materials, that would clearly be asking for trouble. 

So it seems to me that almost nobody is considering this second point, without which, consideration of the first point has no relevance.

Finally I would say that one-off issues with missing items, damaged items, lost items etc should be handled in emails to the company not to the technical discussion list. But if there is some problem with the company not being contactable then that could change the situation. 

73 Hans G0UPL

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