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Howard Fidel

It you like, I can walk you through some diagnostics over the phone, provided your scope has sufficient bandwidth to use it to trouble shoot. What is the bandwidth of your scope, and do you have a 10X probe?


On 6/20/2018 11:26 AM, Arv Evans wrote:

It is possible to use your oscilloscope to trace signal flow, but the scope needs to have adequate bandwidth for the signal being viewed.  A diode detector (1N4148 diodes work fine for all but very low level testing) is faster and more convevient for transmit side signal tracing.  


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I will see if I can come up with a germanium diode. 
I do have a digital storage o'scope... trying .
Pay day is a ways off and I am tapped out so no more orders to the parts place this week. but have a wealth of junk just will take a bit. 
I appreciate everything that everyone is suggesting.
Thank you
Frustrated Ham

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