Re: uBITX Version 4 first attempt #ubitx #ubitx-help

Brian L. Davis

There are literally thousands of these radios in the hands of users and only a very, very few have had any problems.
They work as advertised if built in a reasonable fashion, something Farhan has no control over.
As far as delivery, I am in Oklahoma, USA and mine arrived in pristine condition as have nearly all others.
You DO NOT have to replace any components.
You DO NOT have to rip out components and bodge the pcb to get it to work.
You DO NOT have to make any modifications to make it work.
If you have a postal delivery problem, complain to them, Farhan did not damage your mail.
This is a very, very inexpensive radio and you can modify it if you want but YOU DON'T HAVE TO.
If you would read the posts here you would find that you are nearly alone in your complaints and criticisms!
ThereĀ  is an old saying that some people would complain about being hung with a new rope.
I believe that would be appropriate in this instance.

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