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Ray Koster

I think that Andy is correct in thinking why he should have to do all these mods to this kit!! I also have purchased and built several kits in the past and have never had to do the scale of modifications that are now required to get this kit to work correctly. It was never disclosed on the HF signals website that it will be required by the builder to almost replace every component to make the rig work and be legal on the air.

Why are you Guy's sticking up for Farhan, when he does not come forward and hold his hands up and say that the kit should have never gone to market.If this was UK produced ,then Trading Standards would have closed HF Signals down long ago!!!

No one can expect a builder to rip out components and bodge the pcb to get it to work. This is not a user friendly board as it is all surface mounted and if you dont have good eye sight and the correct equipment then it will end up as a bin job!!

Also most builders do not have the correct test equipment to make tests to insure that after all these mod's, they are legal when on the air with this kit

My biggest beef about all this is that HF Signals cannot deliver a kit to me that is not damaged in the post and please dont tell me I have pissed of the postman, My postman is a nice guy and so are the staff at the sorting office and India to the UK is a very long way

I paid good money for a Bitx 40 and a Ubitx V3 and both were received damaged, a replacement Bitx was sent and that was also received damaged.

When I pay good money, I expect to receive the goods in a usable state and then I do not expect to have to then remove and replace most of the components at my expense, and probably have to wait weeks for these new components to come in, just to get it to work correctly

Firmware updates are acceptable as the nature of the code can led to bugs creeping in and this is a very easy thing to do and does not require butchery of the pcb

Ray Koster G7BHQ

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