Re: uBITX Version 4 first attempt #ubitx #ubitx-help

Jack, W8TEE

I have read about some audio issues, but I haven't experienced it. Did I just get lucky, or is the audio a universal issue?

Jack, w8TEE

On Wednesday, June 20, 2018, 9:10:50 AM EDT, jocarl011 <jocarl011@...> wrote:


I think the complaints from Alex are about the audio stage on the V4 boards. 


This has only come to light in the last week or so, and I’m sure Farhan will be addressing the issue with the audio asap. There are a few “workaround” mods that can be done if you search on here. Just remember this radio cost next to nothing compared to the competition. It was created to be modified anyway so if a small mod is needed to better the audio then that’s not the end of the world. Now if you had bought an Elecraft KX3 with this issue then you would more than have a point! 😉

Carl M0CLS.

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