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Jack, W8TEE


If you follow the instructions, the rig works as advertised. Most of the modifications done by the group here are improvements each of them wanted to address. A nice site for viewing those that have worked can be found at, which is a great resource site. It's not clear to me what problem you are experiencing. If making the connections to the main board is the source of your discontent, I would say caveat emptor and that you didn't do your homework to find out what the kit entailed. If there is something wrong with the main board, then what have you done to contact HF Signals with a detailed statement of the problem? Finally, what exactly is the nature of your problem. There are several thousand of us loitering around here, perhaps we can help.

Jack, W8TEE

On Wednesday, June 20, 2018, 1:44:11 AM EDT, Andy V. Borisenko via Groups.Io <rw9rn@...> wrote:

I bought several KITs, several finished products from different manufacturers, but I never got into this relationship with a client like Farhan. no reaction to bad a main board v4. I the buyer. I paid the money to not have problems with the assembly of the transceiver. why should I remodel something in a READY product? but if I do not know how, I do not want to, I can not do it?
remake and improve everything is possible. it's not that. but in relation to the seller to the buyers.
and this is a very bad attitude.
Farhan does not solve the problem, which is.

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