Re: ND6T AGC and Click kit wiring notes

F1BFU - Fr - 79

Hello Kees

Kits AGC and Click fix arrived here in France.
State super FB.

Many thanks Kees for your job

73 QRO
F1BFI Gilles / FR

2018-06-19 20:06 GMT+02:00 Kees T <windy10605@...>:

Decided to expand the title a little since I'm sure there will be more questions for Don, ND6T, on his designs.

Uploaded some pictures to the "Photos" section showing one alternative for AGC board mounting. It's under my call   K5BCQ  in the 5th group of photos.

We're up to 598 of the AGC and/or Click mini-kits shipped (a little more than I had anticipated ;o) and I'm about out of AGC boards (15 left) .......but orders have dropped off. I will order more if there is adequate demand. Also I understand the new Ver 4 uBITX boards have a "Click Fix" incorporated but apparently still no AGC circuitry ?

73 Kees K5BCQ

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