Re: uBITX Version 4 first attempt #ubitx #ubitx-help

Jerry Gaffke

Yes, you are inconvenienced.  And this could be better. 
It is more of an experimenter's radio than a cheap KX3 and perhaps 
the website should make that clear.  But I challenge you to find
something better in a new all band HF rig within 3x the price.

I think Farhan got a few to work and figured he was done.
He has a life, and may be away from Mumbai for a week or two.
They sent out several hundred boards for autostuffing, and hfsignals is turning the crank.
The alternative is to bring everything to a halt and have orders delayed a couple months. 
That brings on plenty of complaints too.

Plenty of LM386 audio amps up on ebay for $1, could just patch one in,
following how the LM386 is used in the very similar Bitx40.
Or you could patch in an LM386 or TDA2822 (v3 of the uBitx) on the bottom of the uBitx, manhatten style.
Or hook the middle pin of the volume control up to your amplified computer speakers.
Or try adding the resistor in series with with the two diodes to give it a bit of quiescent current
Or hold off for a week till this settles out, see if there is a better solution here in the forum.
Or offer your v4 for sale in the forum.

Jerry, KE7ER

On Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 09:24 pm, Andy V. Borisenko wrote:
I'm surprised by the position of the authors and sellers of the transceiver.
despite the obvious shortcomings main board of version 4, they did not recognize the problem, do not comment on the situation, do not offer compensation for inconvenience, do not do not remove the main board from the sale.
those who bought main board v4 did not even receive an apology for the inconvenience.
why is that?

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